Plants and seeds

  • Seeds viability tests from species of agronomic and ecological interest
  • Conservation of seeds from plants of agricultural and ecological interest
  • Reintroduction or reinforcements of threatened flora
  • Application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) both in vegetation mapping of areas of ecological importance and in the development of distribution models of relevance taxa in the biodiversity field


  • Feasibility tests and conservation of fungal species with socioeconomic and ecological interest
  • Population reinforcement of edible fungal species and reintroduction in appropriate areas for their development and fructification

Request for collaboration

From the USAL SeedBank we are open to collaborations framed within the biodiversity conservation of threatened flora and fungi, so do not hesitate in contact with us if you have any idea, project or any questions about it.

We will put at your disposal our knowledge and the facilities of the SeedBank in order to work with the material you propose to us whose conservation could be of interest.