Research lines

  • Fungal (mycological) biodiversity of the Natural Parks Batuecas-Sierra de Francia, Quilamas and El Rebollar (Salamanca)
  • Conservation of the plant biodiversity in the Middle-West of the Iberian Peninsula
  • Conservation of threatened flora and management of the Seed Bank of the University of Salamanca (BG-USAL)

The research group also works in the following fields

  • Botanical characterization of honey and other beehive products
  • Monitoring and processing of aerobiological information in Castilla y León

Due to the important infrastructure acquired, we can preserve a large amount of living material so that we collaborate with other CIALE research groups offering our equipment for their investigations related with the Agrobiotechnology field. This also allows us to cooperate with other entities or centers, so the group keeps relationships agreements with Junta de Castilla y León, Central Forest Nursery in Valladolid or the Atlantic Botanical Garden in Gijón, among others.

On the other hand, in order to achieve the development of these research lines, there must also be a close cooperation with other Seedbanks and Botanic Gardens, belonging to networks of  seed Banks such as RedBag, SEBiCoP, GENMEDOC…